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(No.2014at2)2N3D Traversing Sake Breweries and Wineries

Hokkaido is a treasure trove of alcoholic beverages, including wine, sake and whiskey.
Discover your favourite glass traversing through top breweries and wineries on the three day journey!

- Which do you prefer: Sake, wine or whiskey?
- Comparison the local Hokkaido breweries and wineries, through spread vineyards.
- Bring your best matching snacks on board.
- STAR LIMOUSINE offer Dried Salmon which is popularly enjoyed with Sake in Hokkaido served on board.


RouteMap Day 1: New Chitose Airport – Sapporo Day 2: Sapporo – Asarigawa Natural Spa Day 3: Asarigawa Natural Spa – New Chitose Airport

Route schedule

Day 1 New Chitose Airport – Kobayashi Sake Brewery – Lunch – Housui Winery – Yamazaki Winery – Tsurunuma Winery - Sapporo
Restaurant Recommendation Ajidokoro (Japanese cuisine)
Activity Recommendation
Accommodation Recommendation Sapporo Grand Hotel
Day 2 Accommodation – Nikka Whisky Yoichi Distillery – OchiGabi Winery (Lunch) – Tanaka Sake Brewery – Hokkaidowine – Asarigawa Natural Spa
Restaurant Recommendation OchiGabi Winery
Activity Recommendation
Accommodation Recommendation Otaru Ryotei Kuramure
Day 3 Accommodation – Sightseeing in Sapporo – New Chitose Airport
Restaurant Recommendation the Central Wholesale Market
Activity Recommendation
Accommodation Recommendation