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(No.2014at3)3N4D Asahidake coloured with leaves, Jozankei Natural Spa

Riding on the Mt. Asahidake Ropeway and promenade to the Sugatami no ike (the Mirror Pond) surrounded by colourful leaves.
After enjoying the promenade, visit the Blur Pond which creates illusional deadwoods contrasted with the colour Blue.
Visiting Houheikyou to enjoy the colourful leaves, sightsee in Otaru, and ride horses to feel the tremendous nature of Hokkaido.
We offer a luxurious Autumn moment in Hokkaido with our STAR LIMOUSINE.

- Mount up Mt. Asahidake with the ropeway and promenade to the Sugatami no ike (the Mirror Pond). The view of colouful leaves from the ropeway offers a marvelous impression.
- After enjoying the promenade, visit the popular Blue Pond through the Autumn Patchwork Road.
- Pass through the Mt. Tokachidake Sky Line to Furano, and have a lunch savouring the local cuisine at cosy restaurants.
- Afterwards cherish colourful leaves in the Houheikyou Dam, and enjoy shopping around the Canal in Otaru.
- Experience the wild nature of Hokkaido by riding horses at the Haruka Horse Ranch


RouteMap Day 1: New Chitose Airport – Asahidake Natural Spa Day 2: Asahidake Natural Spa – Jozankei Natural Spa Day 3: Jozankei Natural Spa – Asarigawa Natural Spa Day 4: Asarigawa Natural Spa – New Chitose Airport

Route schedule

Day 1 New Chitose Airport – Otokoyama Sake Brewery – Mt. Asahidake Ropeway – Asahidake Natural Spa
Restaurant Recommendation Farm Restaurant Esperio
Activity Recommendation
Accommodation Recommendation La Vista Daisetsuzan or Hotel Bearmonte
Day 2 Accommodation – The Patchwork Road – The Blue Pond – Mt. Tokachidake Sky Line – Lunch – Jozankei Natural Spa
Restaurant Recommendation Blanc Rouge
Activity Recommendation
Accommodation Recommendation Jozankei Tsuruga Resort Spa MORI NO UTA or Jozankeit Daiichi Hotel Suizantei
Day 3 Accommodation – Houheikyou Dam – Asari Mountain Pass – Sightseeing in Otaru – Asarigawa Natural Spa
Restaurant Recommendation Ise Sushi
Activity Recommendation
Accommodation Recommendation Otaru Ryotei Kuramure
Day 4 Accommodation - Haruka Horse Ranch (Horse Riding) – New Chitose Airport
Restaurant Recommendation the Central Wholesale Market
Activity Recommendation
Accommodation Recommendation