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(No.2014sp2)2N3D Via Spring Garden

This course traverses the Spring Garden Way from Furano to Tokachi Plain visiting each destination in a relaxed tempo.
The biggest Broccolini Flower field in Japan lying in Furano, promenade at the terrace above the clouds, visiting farms, the huge flower Shichiku Garden with almost 50,000 square meters, the Blue Pond which is famous as selection for the wallpaper of the 2012 Apple MacBook Pro. There are plenty of interesting destinations to visit along the way!
The accommodation for 2nd day is at the Tokachigawa Natural Spa, famous as “the Spa for Beauty”.The Moore Natural Spa is very rare in the world and selected for the Hokkaido Heritage, which eases your tiredness from your journey.

- Traversing the Spring Garden Way from Furano to Tokachi Plain.
- The biggest Broccolini Flower field in Japan.
- The Blue Pond in Biei creates illusional deadwood contrast with the colour blue.


RouteMap Day 1: Sapporo – Tomamu Resort Day 2: Tomamu Resort – Tokachigawa Natural Spa Day 3: Tokachigawa Natural Spa – New Chitose Airport

Route schedule

Day 1 Sapporo - Takikawa IC – The Rape-flower Field (the best time at the end of May) – Lunch – The Blue Pond – Panoramic Flower Gardens Shikisai-no-oka – The Moor Natural Spa famous as the Spa for Beauty at Tomamu Resort
Restaurant Recommendation Restaurant Asperges (French)
Activity Recommendation
Accommodation Recommendation Risonare Tomamu
Day 2 Accomodation (Promenade Unkai Terrace or above the clouds) – Tokachi Millennium Forest (Experience Segway) – Lunch(Enjoy Wagyu at KAGURA) – Shichiku Garden – Tokachigawa Natural Spa
Restaurant Recommendation KAGURA (BBQ)
Activity Recommendation
Accommodation Recommendation Sanyoan
Day 3 Accomodation – Fujita Farm – Lunch – Kyodo-gakusha Cheese Farm “Mintaru” restaurant shop – New Chitose Airport
Restaurant Recommendation Little House on the Prairie
Activity Recommendation
Accommodation Recommendation