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(No.2014wn05)Experience the Great Nature! 3Days Tokachi and Eastern Hokkaido

Travel Eastern Hokkaido and enjoy the great nature!
On day 1 watch the Banei Horse Racing, and day 2 watch the draft horses run.
It is an astonishing view to see draft horses, which have a weight of almost two thoroughbreds, run at full speed.
Nature watching is another highlight: Stars filling the night sky and the view of the drift ice on the Okhotsk Sea from a Cessna is breathtaking.


Tour Map Day 1:New Chitose Airport - Tokachigawa Natural Spa Day 2:Tokachigawa Natural Spa - Lake Akan Natural Spa Day 3:Lake Akan Natural Spa - Memanbetsu Airport

Route schedule

Day 1 New Chitose Airport ===== Obihiro Ban’ei Horse Racing ===== Tokachigawa Natural Spa
Restaurant Recommendation New Chitose Airport
Activity Recommendation
Accommodation Recommendation Tokachigawa Hot Spring Sanyoan
Day 2 Tokachigawa Natural Spa ===== Tokachi Station (Horse Farm) ===== Horse riding ===== Ginga No Mori Observatory ===== Lake Akan Natural Spa
Restaurant Recommendation country papa
Activity Recommendation
Accommodation Recommendation Akan Tsuruga Bessou HINANOZA
Day 3 Lake Akan Natural Spa ===== Okhotsk Sky Cruising ===== Memanbetsu Airport
Restaurant Recommendation Shusaitei Kihachi Tel:0152-43-8108(Abashiri)
Activity Recommendation
Accommodation Recommendation