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(No.2015sp02)Tomamu Resort Wedding Plan

Resort wedding is getting popular and “Tomamu Resort”; which is located nearly center of Hokkaido, surrounded by the heart of nature’s bounty realizes your dream!

On first day, pick you up at Shinchitose airport and head to homemade ice cream shop “Kacha”. Kacha’s ice cream are made from fresh locally-grown ingredients. Garden-fresh vegetables and fruits are selling at Kacha garden.
How about farmer’s garden lunch at “Harvest”? This farm restaurant is hand-made log house, and you will be enjoy healthy, delicious dish using fully-ripened fresh ingredients with your family. After lunch, check-in at Risonare Tomamu. Please fully enjoy luxury space all day. You have to check one of the most spectacular view of sea of clouds from “Unkai Terrace”.

The time has come. Your wedding will be held at the Water Chapel on second day! The Water Chapel was designed by Tadao Ando, the world famous architect. The all over the front wall is made of glass, and you will see the big cross standing in the pond above the glass wall. After wedding, relax and enjoy Tomamu Resort all day.
On third day, you will take a sightseeing tour to visit Furano and Biei. Enjoy shopping in the nature of woods at “Ninguru Terrace”, visiting “Farm Tomita”, famous for vast lavender field, and “Shikisai no Oka (hill)” is the colored by various kinds of flowers. After visiting “Blue Pond” and “Shirahige no taki (falls)”, you will reach at “Shirogane Onsen” as today’s accommodation.

Then fourth and fifth day, you are going down to south of Hokkaido. you will visit Otaru where remains historical buildings in Meiji and Taisho period. During strolling Otaru canal, you are going to visit Kitaichi Glass; famous for art glass and “Orgel do” (music box shop and museum). Then move to Nikka Whisky distilling in Yoichi, which is getting popular sightseeing spot for TV drama. After that, go on a little further to “cape Kamui” which is designated Niseko-Shakotan-Otaru Quasi-National Park.
This plan is the best suited for not only honeymoon, but also the special present for your parents or family anniversary trip.


Tour Map Day 1: Shinchitose airport-Tomamu (stay) Day 2: Tomamu Resort Day 3: Tomamu Resort-Shirokane Onsen (stay) Day 4: Shirokane Onsen-Asarigawa Onsen (stay) Day 5: Asarigawa Onsen-Sapporo (or Shinchitose airport)

Route schedule

Day 1 Shinchitose airport==Kacha (Ice cream) ==Naganuma Harvest (Lunch)==Tomamu Resort
Restaurant Recommendation Farm restaurant Harvest
Activity Recommendation
Accommodation Recommendation Resonare Tomamu
Day 2 Wedding at Tomamu Resort (stay all day at Tomamu Resort)
Restaurant Recommendation Tomamu Resort
Activity Recommendation
Accommodation Recommendation Resonare Tomamu
Day 3 Tomamu Resort==Furano Ninguru Terrace==Lunch==Farm Tomita==Shikisai no oka==Blue Pond==Shirahige Falls ==Shirokane Onsen
Restaurant Recommendation Rokka Sanso (pre-booking required)
Activity Recommendation
Accommodation Recommendation Mori no Ryotei Biei
Day 4 Shirokane Onsen==Patchwork road (Biei Hills tour)==Lunch==Otaru City Tour (canal/Kitaichi Glass/Orgel Do etc.) ==Asarigawa Onsen
Restaurant Recommendation Mama’s Kitchen
Activity Recommendation
Accommodation Recommendation Kuramure
Day 5 Asarigawa Onsen==Nikka Whisky Distilling==Lunch==cape Kamui ==Sapporo or Shinchitose airport
Restaurant Recommendation Jun no Mise
Activity Recommendation
Accommodation Recommendation JR Tour Hotel Nikko Sapporo