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2 nights and 3 days trip from mid to south Hokkaido. Enjoy your spring holidays to the full through unforgettable experiences, gourmet, luxury accommodations and impressive scenery.
How about “Wakamatsu” (Japanese inn priding itself on its cuisine) or “the Windsor Hotel TOYA resort & spa”, the highest resort hotel in Hokkaido for your accommodation?

For the first day, we pick you up at Hakodate airport to take city sightseeing tour. Enjoy strolling around “Goryokaku Park”, the star fort which is specified as special historic site of Japan, Kanamori Red Brick Warehouses create exotic atmosphere in bay area. Hakodate’s night view is sometimes referred to the three major night-view with Napoli and Hong Kong. It is the worth seeing of panoramic city view from the peak of Mt. Hakodate.
On second day, after visiting Hakodate asaichi (morning market), you are moving toward the north. Please try rich soft-serve ice cream, made by freshly drawn milk at “Yamakawa Ranch”. Three lakes and Mt. Komagatake are embraced by “Onuma Quasi-National Park”. It is the best mother-nature resort in south of Hokkaido. It was beloved by foreign visitors after open the port in Meiji era. “Lake Toya” are selected as 100 famous views of Japan. “Mt. Usu” is located south of Lake Toya and you will able to take ropeway gondola to see the exciting panoramic view.
On your last day, you will visit “Kyogoku Fukidashi Park” in the morning. It is famous for Hokkaido Heritage or 100 exquisite water of Japan. Feel and taste fresh clear water from the heart of the mountain. In the afternoon, you will visit Otaru where remains historical buildings in Meiji and Taisho period. You will find fine souvenirs for your friends or family at Kitaichi Glass; famous for art glass, or you will be able to take a walk around the canal.


Tour Map Day 1: Hakodate airport-Hakodate(stay) Day 2: Wakamatsu (Japanese Inn)-Toya(stay) Day 3: Toya-Shinchitose airport

Route schedule

Day 1 Hakodate airport==Hakodate city tour (Goryokaku park/Bay area/Mt. Hakodate Ropeway)==Wakamatsu Japanese Inn
Restaurant Recommendation Sushi dokoro Kihara or Hakodate Men Chubo Ajisai
Activity Recommendation
Accommodation Recommendation Wakamatsu Japanese Inn
Day 2 Wakamatsu Japanese Inn==Hakodate Morning Market==Yamakawa Ranch ==Onuma Park==Mt. Usu Ropeway== The Windsor Hotel TOYA
Restaurant Recommendation Table De Rivage
Activity Recommendation
Accommodation Recommendation The Windsor Hotel TOYA Resort & Spa
Day 3 The Windsor Hotel==Kyogoku Fukidashi Park==Otaru City Tour (Kitaichi glass/ canal)==Shinchitose airport
Restaurant Recommendation Ise zushi or Yabuhan(Japanese Soba noodle restaurant)
Activity Recommendation
Accommodation Recommendation