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(No.2015sp04)5 Days 4 Nights: Staying at Auberge: Shiretoko, Rausu and Lake Mashu

First of all, start from Memanbetsu airport to “Road to Heaven” though “Fairly Tale Hill”. You will be able to see the vast country view from the hill. The name of “Road to Heaven” came from a long, straight road and the end of the road looks running to the heaven. After drop-by “Hanayaka Koshimizu”; a roadside station, you will visit “Cape Puyuni”, famous for beautiful sunset over Okhotsk Sea.

On second and third day, you will take in a scenic overlook of Shiretoko Peninsula. “Furepe Falls”, water run down from imposing cliff, and “Shiretoko Goko Lakes elevated wooden path”. You will look across a range of mountains reflected on the surface of the lake even Okhotsk Sea. You will be able to observe fish auction with your nature guide. You must be excited to take a cruise and enjoy spectacular view of Shiretoko Peninsula as world natural heritage.
On fourth day, you will visit “Kaminiko Ike” (Pond of a child of God). It is popular place as a power spot. A color of the pond surface is mysterious blue, just like a gift from God.
On fifth day, you will take a tour around popular sites such as Back Mashu Observatory, Lake Mashu, Mt. Io, Sunayu, and Lake Kussharo. All accommodations will be the finest auberges.


Tour Map Day 1: Memanbetsu airport-Utoro(stay) Day 2: Utoro Day 3: Utoro-Nijibetsu(stay) Day 4: Nijibetsu-Lake Kussharo(stay) Day 5: Lake Kussharo-Memanbetsu airport

Route schedule

Day 1 Memanbetsu airport==Fairly Tale Hill/Road to Heaven==roadside station “Hanayaka Koshimizu”==”cape Puyuni” famous for beautiful sunset==Utoro
Restaurant Recommendation
Activity Recommendation
Accommodation Recommendation Shiretoko Grand Hotel Kitakobushi
Day 2 Utoro==Shiretoko Goko Lakes elevated wooden path and Furepe falls(with nature guide)==Shiretoko peninsula cruise ==Utoro
Restaurant Recommendation Araiso Ryori Kuma no ie
Activity Recommendation
Accommodation Recommendation Shiretoko Grand Hotel Kitakobushi
Day 3 Utoro==Shiretoko mountain path==port Rausu(observe fish auction with nature guide)==Kaiyoudai==Nijibetsu
Restaurant Recommendation Hamada Shoten
Activity Recommendation
Accommodation Recommendation Hazel Grouse Mannor
Day 4 Nijibetsu==Kami no ko ike==Back Mashu observatory==Lake Mashu==Mt. Io== Sunayu==Lake Kussharo
Restaurant Recommendation Teshikaga ramen sohonten
Activity Recommendation
Accommodation Recommendation Auberge SORA
Day 5 Lake Kussharo==Bihoro mountain path ==Memanbetsu airport
Restaurant Recommendation
Activity Recommendation
Accommodation Recommendation