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(No.2015sp05)Here I am, Hokkaido! ~Let’s Enjoy Japanese Culture~

On the first day, you head over to “Shiroi Koibito Park” a famous confectionary for cookies and chocolates hallmark in Hokkaido. After enjoying candy theme park, move to “Sapporo Street Market”. You can buy tasty/fresh food from the mountain or the sea at an affordable price.
Even on second day, many exciting activities are on your waiting list such as dressing experience of Japanese traditional kimono, offering prayers at Hokkaido Shrine which is known as Sochinju (local Shinto deity). Japanese delicacy is also the highlight of this tour. For example, attending tea ceremony and drink matcha (powdered green tea), eat soba noodle for lunch. In the afternoon, you will visit Otaru where remains historical buildings in Meiji and Taisho period. Before strolling Otaru canal, you are going to visit Kitaichi Glass; famous for art glass and experience making Japanese sweets.


Tour Map Day 1: Shinchitose airport-Sapporo stay Day 2: Sapporo

Route schedule

Day 1 Shinchitose airport==Shiroi Koibito Park ==Sapporo crab market==Dinner ==accommodation
Restaurant Recommendation Sapporo crab market or Kaniya Kaniyutei  or Ushi no Ishizaki
Activity Recommendation
Accommodation Recommendation JR Hotel Nikko Sapporo
Day 2 Accommodation==Experience wearing Japanese kimono==Hokkaido shrine ==matcha time==lunch==Otaru(making Japanese sweets, Kitaichi Glass, Otaru Canal)==Accommodation
Restaurant Recommendation Adumaya Juraku
Activity Recommendation
Accommodation Recommendation JR Hotel Nikko Sapporo