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How to make a reservation?
Please feel free to ask by using contact form on our homepage. Reservations are required up to 7 days prior to arrival. STAR LIMOUSINE may, due to prior reservations, be unavailable for your requested schedule.
How to pay?
Payment shall be made up seven days before the tour by credit card or bank transfer. Your booking will be confirmed by settling the payment. Extra fee will be charged for time extension.
Charges for cancellation
Cancellations made within seven days prior to arrival will incur cancellation charges.
7-3 days prior:50% 2 days prior: 60% The day before: 80% On the day:100%
For cancellations due to cancelled flights caused by (for example) bad weather on the day: 50%
Are short journeys allowed?
The charter is available for a minimum of 4 hours without transportation.
Do charges vary by distance?
No, we require only charges by time, it doesn’t vary by distance.


What is the seating capacity of STAR LIMOUSINE? How many people are available?
Our STAR LIMOUSINE seats 9 people, but we recommend it to be ridden by 6 or 7 persons for maximal comfort.。 We have now 5 STAR LIMOUSINEs, so that a journey with 45 people is possible.
Are children included in the seating capacity?
We count three children under 11 years of age as 2 adults.
What equipment is there on board?
Star Limousine has leather seats, a wash room, TV, DVD player and a refrigerator on board. There are vehicles without restroom. Please confirm in advance when you make a booking. Please see here for details.
How much baggage can we bring on?
STAR LIMOUSINE has a cloak of 1.0m width, 1.7m height, 0.6m depth with attachable shelfs in a coach. Six normal suitcases or six normal caddie bags are able to store. Please ask if you have amount of baggage in advance, we may store them another space if necessary.
Do you have another type of vehicle?
No, we don’t have any other type of vehicle than STAR LIMOUSINE. We are however happy to introduce you to our partner transportation companies who have other types of vehicles.


For what purpose can we use your service?
STAR LIMOUSINE is typically used for golf or business entertaining as well as tourism. Our main customers are families (with children),company retreat,ladies groups, and couples enjoying golf and business.
Is the service available in the early morning and late night?
Our service is available from 5am to 11pm, although we are flexible in special circumstances. Please feel free to ask if you would like to use our service outside of business hours. Extra fee (e.g. accommodation fee for crew) will be charged for using an early morning and late-evening.
For how many days can we use your service?
There is no limit on the number of days your journey may take. We require payment for the accommodation of crew members if it is necessary that they stay overnight in a hotel.
Can we bring on beverages?
Yes, but please keep in mind that the refrigerator has a storage limit.
What is the service on board?
We offer local Hokkaido beverages (including juice and alcohol), and service free of charge (up to the number of beverages on board). We are happy to prepare special drinks with an additional charge if necessary. You can enjoy alcohol with your friends on board since the STAR LIMOUSINE has a driver. Our attendant will provide you with suitable tourist and restaurant information to meet your requests.
Can we ask for the service without an attendant?
No, we always have our attendant on board so that our guests wish while on board STAR LIMOUSINE may be satisfied on demand.
Can the attendant act as a tour guide?
We have attendants who can act as a tour guide. Please ask in advance if you would like a tour with an actual guide.
Do you have a karaoke machine on board?
No, we don’t have a karaoke machine on board.

Route Consultation

Do you accept route consultation?
Yes, our travel concierge is happy to discuss your tour routes and prices with STAR LIMOUSINE. Please feel free to ask.

【Sample questions】

  • I would like to know how long the travel time will be in Hokkaido.
  • I would like to go the memorial place I visited, but don’t remember where.
  • I have never visited Hokkaido, so would like to ask where to go.
  • I have visited Hokkaido several times, so would like to find other spots.
  • Just wondering about travel in Hokkaido.
  • Travelling for an anniversary, or gift travel for parents.
  • I would like to visit very Hokkaido spot.
  • I would like to have new experiences while travelling, to enjoy activities.
  • I would like to pat animals.
Does it cost anything to have a quote?
No, our quotation is free. We will show an approximate estimate of the total cost if you let us roughly know your plans.
Can we change the route on the day?
Yes, because we run a chartered limousine, routes are changeable due to the weather, or simply your wishes. Our attendant is happy to accept your requests for route planning and other arrangements. Please note that cancellation fees may be incurred if activities or hotels are reserved in advance.
Can we buy popular souvenirs?
Please ask our attendant if you would like to purchase some of the snacks which are served on board as souvenirs. At your convenience, we are also able to have the souvenirs sent to your departing airport for collection.