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Reservation Rate

Please let us know when you are finalised your schedule(plan) and please understand if we are fully booked,especially during high-season.


Due to the revision of the legal system in 2014, “Time and distance concomitantly-calculated fare system” is adopted. Charges are calculated for each based on the usage time, itinerary (distance), deadheading time and distance to the pick-up and drop-off places. Refer to the right column about estimated standard charges if no deadheading. Charges include parking fees, express way fees, gas and beverages (on-board). Additional charge is needed if you extend the usage time on the day. Refer to the right column about the estimated additional charges. Adding sightseeing etc. to the transportation above available with extra charges. Ask for details.

Cancellation charges

Various Rates Details Charges Tax included
Cancellation charges 21 days prior 20%
14 days prior 30%
7 to 3 days prior 50%
2 days prior 80%
The day before 100%
For cancellations due to cancelled flights, caused by events such as bad weather on the day. 50%