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COOL STAR cooperates with THE HOKKAIDO PREMIUM which sells luxury skin-care brand "Switch-On Cosmetics" and offers on-board sales.

The brand has been launched in 2016 introducing a lineup of Switch-On Alfa Lotion and Switch-On Beta Essence.

The developer is a specialist physician with a PhD in dermatology awarded by the Graduate School of Medicine at Sapporo Medical University which has over 60 years of proud history.

In addition to having more than 15 years of experience in developing skincare products, he developed Switch-On Cosmetics in cooperation with the faculty members of the university and in collaboration with a designer from Shiseido.

Now the brand has a growing number of admiring users such as famous professionals, fashion icons and international celebrities.

Switch-On Alfa Ltion

Switch-On Alfa Lotion
Face lotion

The lotion has thick texture by vitamin C and E derivatives.
This face lotion supports skin’s primary function and promote skin’s moisture and visible radiance.
The first step to come closer to the perfect ageless skin.

At first, you may be bewildered at the thick feel of the skin lotion.
The skin lotion feels very natural on the surface of your skin and permeates deep into the skin.
Every day you would enjoy the comfort of skin lotion absorbed thoroughly into your skin.

50mL 20,000yen plus tax

Switch-On Beta Essence

Switch-On Beta Essence

Best matching with Switch-On Alfa Lotion.
Penetrates well after applying Switch-On Alfa Lotion.
Watery texture while keeping the richness of vitamin C and E derivatives.

After treating skin with face lotion to regain its primary function, lustrous moist skin would grow to beautifully blissful skin with Switch-On Beta Essence.
The second step to come closer to the perfect ageless skin.
30mL 20,000yen plus tax

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